Bertolaso looks to the future with Mini Motor

Enhanced efficiency and superior performance are on the cards for the company from Veneto, a world-class centre of excellence in the design of automated wine-bottling systems that has opted to take full benefit from Mini Motor’s innovative approach.

Veneto-based Bertolaso S.p.A., an expert in the production of plants for the wine-making industry, upgrades its machinery with Mini Motor’s MCDBS55 motors.

About Bertolaso S.p.A.

In business since 1880 out of the Italian town of Zimella (near Verona), Bertolaso is a global presence with 6 branches in Argentina, China, Germany, North America and Spain. A world leader in its industry, it has a staff of nearly 250 employees. With its 130-year history and by always offering cutting-edge solutions, the company has become a synonym for strength, reliability and innovation.

Wine is the driving sector for Bertolaso, which manufactures machines conceived and designed to preserve the quality of wine over time, protecting it from every possible form of oxidation and alteration of the characteristics caused by exposure to air.

Oxidation is one of the most frequent faults perceived in a bottle of wine. Excessive exposure to air can alter the wine due to the transformation of alcohol into acid. Oxygen spoils the aroma and changes the wine’s colour, an all-too-important indicator of the health, freshness and vitality of the wine. For example, when a violet red wine oxidises, it turns orange or brown. Light-yellow white wines turn dark-yellow.

The material that offers the most effective air-tight seal of the bottle and prevents unwanted oxidation phenomena is cork. The corkers designed and manufactured by Bertolaso are the emblem of the company’s worldwide success. Natural corks are still considered the best solution for quality wines due to their reduced environmental impact compared to plastic or aluminium caps.

What Bertolaso needed

Facing the need to install motors that could handle the format changeover of its machines, Bertolaso favoured an Italian company that has always guaranteed an easier relationship in terms of efficient consultancy and support services. Alongside Mini Motor’s experience and unique know-how, this proximity was the advantage which led Bertolaso to apply MCDBS55 geared servomotors to all its machines with an automated format changeover.
MCDBS55 geared servomotors are part of the brushless range and feature the compact integration of all the parts – the motor, drive and potential gear unit – making them perfect for the bottling sector or the ceramics and packaging industries. The built-in drive system guarantees complete flexibility for the speed and position of the motor and improves the efficiency of production in terms of streamlining and performance.
In other words, by using a drive system on the motor, you avoid the need for commands from the PLC, that is, the central computer. The PLC usually processes the data received from the sensors on the plant and sends the necessary commands to the various motors to carry out the required operation. By acting directly, Mini Motor’s MCDBS55 geared servomotors with built-in drive system execute the command instantly.

The solution offered by Mini Motor

By using Mini Motor’s MCDBS55 geared servomotors, the customer can now select the setting depending on the type of bottle directly from the operator panel, without any manual operations required. This more streamlined procedure saves time to get on with other work.

The solution offered to Bertolaso also provides a targeted response to the customer’s need for customisation, that is, to be able to use Mini Motor high-precision motors to guide bottles that pass through its touch probe labeller machines in the right direction. Mini Motor engineers have customised the management software for the MCDBS55 brushless motors so they can instantly change the bottles’ position, achieving the required performance.

“The main advantage we get from using Mini Motor’s MCDBS55 servomotors is the simplification of the software management for our machines”, explained Walter Berto from the Bertolaso Group’s Technical Department. “Furthermore, we can adapt the motor to our personal requirements and can conveniently adjust it from a smartphone during the machine construction phase. On labellers, we can now immediately change the bottles’ position, saving us time and improving the efficiency of our motors”.
“We have found a reliable partner in Mini Motor who’s always there for us”, continued Mr. Berto, “and who has met our expectations not just in terms of products but also with their collaboration and support. We will continue working with them in the future and we’re already working on a new project together”.
MCDBS55 and DBS geared servomotors from the brushless range are perfect for all plants and machinery used for processing and handling products. In fact, they require sudden changes of motor speed or frequent format changes set by market dynamics. One example is all the machines that process and package food, such as labellers and packaging machines, or ones which process different sized packs.

Mini Motor and Bertolaso united by innovation

It was a real pleasure for Mini Motor to be able to work with a company which has made technological innovation its trademark. This company led by Andrea and Lorella Franceschini is based in Bagnolo in Piano, in the heart of the Motor Valley in Italy’s Emilia-Romagna region, and has 5 branches around the world and a network of distributors in 55 different countries.
Mini Motor is a leader in the design and production of electric motors, innovative and “tailored” solutions custom-made for the customer and capable of meeting the requirements of Industry 4.0.
Among its latest products now fully available on the market, there’s a USB dongle that brings the advantages of Wi-Fi to DBS motors. Instead of acting as a portable memory stick, this device contains a wireless module for connecting to Android, iOS, PC and Mac OS devices. This dongle also lets you configure it through the most common devices.
Fitted to all gear motors from the Mini Motor DBS and DR series with a USB port, this dongle guarantees the user practical and simple use. This means you don’t have the problem of reaching motors in inconvenient positions because they can be easily set up remotely without the use of USB cables; only the power cable is needed. This is an advantage for the customer, not just in terms of convenience but also for the dynamism and efficiency of their motors.

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