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We have always been living in the future

Our future began more than 40 years ago. Our future began in Bagnolo in Piano, in the heart of the motor valley situated in Italy’s Emilia region, in 1965. Ever since, we have been doggedly cultivating some fixed ideas: innovation, constant improvement, construction excellence, and collaboration with the customer to together design the best solution. Product excellence is achieved only with process excellence: this has always been our philosophy.


FC SERIES, the future of format changeover

Compactness, compatibility and high integration in the system.
Remote control and speed: these are the features of the Fast Change series, the new frontier of format changeover.

Perfectly falling within the perspective of Industry 4.0, it is the electronics used in the FC series, which lets you set parameters and run diagnostics also remotely with the USB cable that can be easily connected to the computer. This ensures control and monitoring of the running status of the motor, and allows predictive maintenance to be performed.

The series comprises two models, FC3 and FC6, which differ from each other in speed of rotation. Made up of a brushless motor and gear unit, and equipped with the 6 most common fieldbuses and a universal attachment, both sizes have the formidable features of a fast, top performing and versatile product.