We have been one step ahead of the others, since 1965

Our future began in Bagnolo in Piano, in the heart of the motor valley situated in Italy’s Emilia region, in 1965. That was when Gianfranco Franceschini decided to lay a stake on his passion for mechanics and innovative solutions. The early products were a combination of metal and electricity to achieve the automatic movement of rolling shutters and fixtures with a distinctive trait: design, the ability to make what works beautiful in the best of ways.

The Mini Motor brand was born in 1974, when our production by then was definitely oriented toward electric motors for the industrial sector. We added another two ingredients to metal and electricity: electronics and computerisation. The concepts of industrial automation and mechatronics emerged between the late ‘70s and the early ‘80s, but according to us at Mini Motor, they are genetic traits. We have had them ever since the very beginning.

Excellence is our fixed idea ​

Since 1965 we have been doggedly cultivating some fixed ideas: innovation, constant improvement, construction excellence, and collaboration with the customer to together design the best solution. We believe that every motor is a unique piece, even when they are standard products. Motor, reduction unit and electronics are already integrated in the design phase, and all production is in-house, using top quality and zero kilometre materials and components.

Product excellence is achieved only with process excellence: this has always been our philosophy. Today we can offer tens of thousands of items, including worm gear motors, coaxial geared motors and planetary reduction units, brushless servomotors with built-in drive, brushless servo gear motors, drives and frequency converters. Nevertheless, our number one product has always been quality, which we build every day with diligence, enthusiasm and attention paid to the finest detail, and by listening to our customers.



We shorten the distance between us, you and the future

We are active in 55 countries around the world with 5 branches and a widespread network of distributors. We want to be close to our customers and attentively grasp all of their requirements with curiosity. We create customised solutions and standard products with the same attention and the same characteristics of excellence and quality. But we don’t settle for less. We want to always be one step ahead of the others. Our undertaking for our future and yours today is branching off into three directions: materials and design, smart manufacturing and Industry 5.0.

Every single day we endeavour to make our electric motors more and more compact and resistant, suitable for even working in extreme conditions by using stainless steel.


We are engaged in a search for innovative solutions for production processes. Smart manufacturing and lean production have always been part of our organisation, and they allow us to work in a smarter way by integrating and optimising resources – human labour together with manlike robots – and by increasing both the speed and the flexibility of the process, without any waste.

Every one of our products is able to easily fit into an Industry 5.0 scenario because they are equipped with outstanding connection capacity, with the support of all the most widely used industrial communication protocols: from CanOpen, Ethercat, Modbus, Ethernet/IP, Profibus and Profinet to CC Link, DeviceNet, Powerlink, Sercos and Varan.

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