Emmegi uses Mini motor's DBSE motors in its top-of-the-range solutions

Machine downtime reduced to the bare minimum

Mini Motor’s DBSE motors find perfect use in Packaging, Food & Beverage, Labelling and Pharma machinery where gearboxes are subject to sudden speed changes and where format changeovers are required in most cases. These operations are performed with the highest precision thanks to the 12-bit multi-turn magnetic absolute encoder, and with fewer cables and in less space thanks to the built-in drive system. DBSE motors with built-in drive system and planetary gear unit are controlled by an EtherCAT master. Thanks to CSP (Cyclic Synchronous Positioning), they can move independently or perfectly synchronised depending on process requirements.

This innovative product from Mini Motor’s series of brushless motors was chosen by Emmegi for its top-of-the-range “Satellite XTE” and “Comet R6 I” 5-axis CNC machining centres. Founded in 1970 by Giuseppe Caiumi in the Italian town of Limidi di Soliera (near Modena), Emmegi is a world leader in design, production and sale of aluminium, light alloy, PVC and steel profile machining systems. Emmegi chose our DBSE brushless servomotors for translation of the motor-driven vise clamps on its “Satellite XTE” and “Comet R6 I” machining centres. These servomotors are controlled by a single PLC through a communication protocol that is different for each manufacturer. The “I” version of the Comet R6 is used to machine bars or parts in aluminium, PVC, light alloy or steel.

This machining centre is equipped with motor-driven vise clamps that, in dynamic double operation, position themselves independently and in concurrent operation time with respect to the spindle machining processes in the opposite working field, each through its own DBSE motor.

This is the main advantage of our DBSE motors, which, as already mentioned, were also chosen for the Satellite XTE 5-axis CNC mobile gantry machining centre used for milling, drilling, threading and cutting processes on large bars or parts in aluminium, PVC, light alloys and steel. Like for the Comet R6 I, the time needed for vise clamp set-up and positioning is greatly reduced as a result of the application of Mini Motor’s DBSE motors.

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