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Our future began more than 40 years ago. Our future began in Bagnolo in Piano, in the heart of the motor valley situated in Italy’s Emilia region, in 1965. Ever since, we have been doggedly cultivating some fixed ideas: innovation, constant improvement, construction excellence, and collaboration with the customer to together design the best solution. Product excellence is achieved only with process excellence: this has always been our philosophy.

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Integration, the core of DR Series

DR project is made to turn our classic gearmotor into a powerful, all-in-one solution. The perfect integration of drive, motor, and gear of DR series significantly reduces energy consumption.
The drive allows full control over speed and torque, while you can collect information that would be helpful in/for fault prevention and diagnosis. One gear provides different speed settings, which stay steady independently of load variations.
Designing both hardware and software together, we get full integration. Our control system allows parameters setting and change through a micro USB interface. Find out more now on our YouTube channel:

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