The list of cCSAus and cURus and EAC certified products can be viewed by scrolling through this section. In any case to obtain more information and a quotation on the approved products you must send a specific request to Mini Motor S.p.A.

Quality is not a sheet of paper, but rather a way of being and working that guides every action toward excellence. Quality is not a duty. It is a passion that we cultivate every day, in every moment, with diligence. We don’t settle for being compliant with the requisites requested. Instead, we try to always be one step beyond certification alone. We constantly work to keep up the highest levels of quality and safety for all of our products and all of our services. It is only in this way that the certifications stop being sheets of paper and turn into a guarantee of true excellence.

System certification

ISO 9001: 2015

We are certified ISO 9001:2015, standard of reference for those who want to subject their production processes to complete quality control, starting from gathering the requirements of the customers and ending with the monitoring of every step of the production process.

Product certifications

1. cURus (UL) certificated products

Motor models AM, AC, MC,
PA and PC f/b 2 optional
letters, f/b 1 or 2 optional
letters, f/b from 3 to 6
letters, f/b 2 or 3 letters, f/b
other letters

Motor models BC2000
or BCE2000 f/b 2
optional letters, f/b 1
or 2 optional letters,
f/b 1 letter, f/b 2 or 3
letters, f/b
other letters.

Motor models ACE, f/b 2, f/b T2, models ACEF, f/b 2, f/b TZ models PAF, f/b 4, f/b T2, PAEF, f/b 4, f/b T2, MCF, f/b 2 or 3 f/b 1 models MCEF, f/b 2 or 3 f/b T2, models PCF f/b 4 or 5, f/b T2, models PCEF, f/b 4 or 5, f/b 72, models XCF f/b 5, f/b T2.

Inverter/drive for DBS 55 and 80 series

104/M, PCFSS 55/50, PCFSS 80/50, XCFSS 80/50,
XCFSS 80/100, SXCFSS 80/100, SXCFSS 104/M, AMSSE 70 55/50, AMSSE 90 80/50, AMSSE 90

COMPONENT – SERVO AND STEPPER MOTORS USR, CNR – Recognized Component – Class F Motor models tabulated below with Ambient Temperature 40° C Motor models ACC, ma, PCC, PAC, BC2000 and BCE2000 f/b 2 optional letters, f/b from 4 to 6 letters, f/b 2 or 3 letters, f/b other letters

motor for DBS 55 and DBS 80 series

three-phase motors XC 370, 550, 740, 250 or 500

cURus UL recognized products for the US and Canada can be identified from the product mark directly on the product nameplate. All information relating to acceptability conditions for the end user can be viewed at the following link. The Product IQ site requires user registration.


Searching for “MINI MOTOR” or the individual product purchased will give access to the above information.

2. cCSAus (CSA) certificated products

3. Rohs certificate

With the ROHS III declaration of conformity we declare that all our products comply with the requirements of the European Union Regulation 2015/863/EU.

4. EAC certificate

The EAC certificate of conformity is a certificate of conformity for marked products to indicate that such products comply with all technical regulations of the Eurasian Customs Union assessment procedures.

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