Mini Motor for the food industry

For truly smart manufacturing, logistics must integrate efficiently with the entire production process and not just the end of the line. Logistics is the real strategic area, the one that can make the difference. We have always worked in the food & beverage sector and this has taught us a lot: very high hygiene standards to be respected, great need for customization, the need for fast and safe format changes are just some of the constraints that drive us to constantly improve our entire range of electric motors and gearmotors. These improvements touch not only the body, but also the mind of the motor, thanks to intelligent drives and easy integration through the most popular industrial communication protocols.


MCDBS55 and DBS servomotor gearboxes of the brushless range are ideal for all systems and machinery used for processing and handling food products. These in fact require sudden changes in motor speed or frequent format change operations imposed by market dynamics. Examples of this are all the machines that process and package food such as labeling and packaging machines or those that work on packages of different sizes.

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