The Mini Motor family continues to grow


Elettromeccanica Garimberti becomes a new Mini Motor production unit

Big goals are more meaningful when they are reached under difficult and uncertain conditions and there’s no doubt that this past year was definitely a challenging one.

This is why we’re so proud to announce another important milestone for our company at the close of the year’s first six months of production: the acquisition of Elettromeccanica Garimberti based in Vezzano sul Crostolo. The merger was made official on June 24 with the signature of the Franceschini siblings and that of Raffaele Garimberti and his wife Ileana Pisati, and came into effect on July 1, 2021. The winding manufacturer – windings are a key gearmotor component – has officially become a new production unit of Mini Motor. Driven by the continued growth of business from its home country and around the world, Mini Motor fully incorporated the Vezzano-based company, a lifelong preferred supplier, in order to ensure greater continuity of manufacturing operations to customers and meet the challenge of an increasingly demanding and dynamic market. The acquisition and upcoming investment in the modernisation of the new production site through robotic process automation and the reorganisation of the work flow will boost the current winding production capacity by at least an estimated 50%.

The Garimberti family, with its know-how and long-time employees, will remain an integral part of the Mini Motor team, ensuring operational continuity and leading the collaborative relationship between the two companies, which has definitely proven to be a winning one over the years.

A warm welcome and best wishes for success to our new colleagues!

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