Mini Motor WBS: patented innovation


The Italian Patent and Trademark Office of the Ministry of Economic development has granted the patent to Mini Motor WBS wireless motor, a crucial step in the company’s innovation course

Mini Motor was established in 1964, in Bagnolo in Piano (Reggio Emilia, Italy), in the heart of the Motor Valley in Italy’s Emilia region. Leader in the automation sector, Mini Motor designs and produces electric motors for the industrial sector. It has international recognition as evidenced by its branches in Europe, the USA, and the UAE, as well as its widespread network of distributors.


One-of-a-kind WBS line stems from the evolution of DBS electric motors. It is a brushless servomotor with integrated drive, thanks to built-in wireless interface and presence of inductive charging battery.

These motors leverage ZigBee wireless technology, commonly used for industrial remote control. This network is known for having high safety standards and less interference. The heart of this wireless system is its concentrator, thanks to which it is possible to connect PLC, industrial computer that manages automatic machines and motors.

It is just the remarkable innovation value of the WBS wireless motor to be worth the patent for industrial invention by the Ministry of Economic Development.

This motor can offer many and different benefits, such as:

  • Cable reduction, for there are no control wires,
  • Remote control, thanks to software that manages the whole control system,
  • Optimization of processing times and therefore throughput increase, thanks to the elimination of manual operations,
  • Lower energy consumption thanks to the technology used to make WBS motors.

Future-oriented development

Constant commitment to finding innovative solutions has enabled Mini Motor to concretize the fundamental concepts of smart manufacturing: resources work in a smarter and more integrated way, increasing process speed, efficiency and flexibility.


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