Working one year towards future success


At Mini Motor, the end of 2018 presents an important opportunity for us to assess the year that is coming to a close and plan for 2019.

Everyone knows that the period towards the end of each year is a key time to reflect not only for people but also for companies. We analytically look back on what we have done, the decisions that we have made and the changes that have occurred. In addition, we firmly establish and reveal what our aims are for the new year.

Mini Motor is no exception to this rule. In December 2018, it is calling on all of the company’s energy on the production and commercial fronts in order to consolidate the initiatives that have taken shape over the last year, so that it can start 2019 with the momentum of the results that have been achieved behind it.

In particular, 2018 has been a year in which Mini Motor has “sown seeds”. In other words, it has ceaselessly sought out new clients and fresh solutions to offer to the market. The company has identified, examined and pursued numerous business opportunities during the year, thus laying the foundations as it prepares to seal significant motor and gear motor supply deals.

For example, in the fields of ceramics, packaging and labelling, Mini Motor has built up strategic relationships with big multinational groups by providing test products, customization services and constant technical support throughout the implementation process.

Now the time has come for the company to consolidate everything that it has put together and make it into a driving force behind Mini Motor’s business from January 2019.

Although some of the groups were already clients, it is very positive and significant that they continue to choose to turn to Mini Motorwhen they open new branches and large companies, for which it is crucial to be able to guarantee constant, reliable support. For instance, even before the creation of the prototypes on which Mini Motor products will be fitted, an engineer from the company follows and accompanies the client during the design and set-up procedure for the new machines.

The constant, professional assistance given to clients is one of the factors that have made the “seed-sowing” process in 2018 positive and fruitful. A key part has also unquestionably been played by participating in international trade fairs in the most strategic fields, customization projects developed in tandem with clients, and supplying products for the test phases of new machines.

According to Marco Torreggiani, Mini Motor’s Director of Marketing for Italy, “for Mini Motor, 2019 promises to be a year full of challenges to face and overcome, projects to put in concrete form, innovations to develop and important growth objectives to achieve. In order to do all of this, the path to follow is constantly gaining new clients and winning over new markets, by continually sowing the seeds of fresh opportunities at the same time as successes are gradually chalked up.”

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