Training for Growth


At Mini Motor, the value chain gets stronger through knowledge of the product.

The basic idea is simple: the more our sales network knows about the products’ technology and potential, the more the market will be able to recognize these products as innovative and reliable solutions.
In other words: competence is an increasingly crucial pillar of business.

This notion is what prompted the important project which, over the next few months, will involve the entire Mini Motor sales force: a series of meetings and training sessions with the ambitious and strategic goal of raising the level of technical knowledge across the company’s entire sales network.

The increasingly sophisticated technological content of our products, from our reliable electrical motors to the more advanced brushless servomotors and servo gear motors, results in a massive expansion of their fields of application. But at the same time, it requires a constant effort to stay up-to-date by the professionals tasked with disseminating this technology.

The Beta phase of the project took place this past May, over the course of a few days, when a hand-picked group of Mini Motor dealers was invited to participate in a series of round-table discussions with the company’s technical team.
The goal of this initial phase was to identify the main technical-applicative aspects useful for presenting and selling the products in the best way possible, as well as to compile a list of specific competencies and tools which the dealers themselves consider necessary in order to better market and promote Mini Motor products in all the countries where the brand is present.

September 21 will instead be the official start date for the project, in which the members of the sales force will attend training classes based on the results of the Beta phase, featuring explanatory slides and videos. Most importantly, participants will also have the opportunity to meet with the Director of Mini Motor’s Technical Department.

On this occasion, Mr. Ferretti will present, describe and explain in detail each product and its characteristics, paying special attention to those product lines with a more advanced electronic and technological content.

These next-generation products are the ones which offer the widest array of innovative applications but, precisely for this reason, they are also the ones that require a deeper and more detailed knowledge, in order to properly present them to the market.

In the words of Mr. Ferretti himself, “the design efforts and the investments in Research & Development which were made in the past years have led Mini Motor to enter the automation and motion control market with a vast, comprehensive and thoroughly diverse range of products. It would therefore be a strategic mistake if we were to waste even a small part of the business potential that these efforts have created. After all, the potential of our products represents the future of our company, so a strong base of shared knowledge is the key for any commercial success we’ll be able to achieve.”

In this regard, the most significant example is represented by our range of brushless servomotors and servo gear motors with integrated drive.
Indeed, the new DR and DBS lines offer numerous advantages in terms of both application and practicality, including:

  • fewer cables
  • interconnectivity and control systems
  • exceptionally compact size
  • operational efficiency and the ensuing cost reductions

These are just some of the elements that make our products both innovative and competitive, and they will be discussed in detail during the training sessions that will take place in the coming months.

Mini Motor’s Managing Director Andrea Franceschini has no doubts regarding the importance of this initiative: “We’ve been making and selling top-quality technical solutions since our earliest days, so we’re fully aware of the importance of having a strong knowledge of our product’s characteristics and their potential. Nowadays, however, providing technical training to our sales network is more crucial than ever for the success of our business. It’s imperative that we train in order to grow, and that’s what we’re doing.

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