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    EN: Worm geared motors plus. Motor: 4 poles sinusoidal brushless motor, totally enclosed 188 W.  Rotor with NdFeB magnets.

    USA: Worm geared motors plus. Motor: 4 poles sinusoidal brushless motor, totally enclosed 1/4 HP.  Rotor with NdFeB magnets

    MOTOR: Brushless 4-pole three-phase sinusoidal motor, totally enclosed. Rotor with NdFeB magnets. Thermal cutoff. Winding Class F. Thermal cutoff. Protection IP65 in compliance with IEC/EN 60529 standards. Feedback with encoder, Hall probes or resolver. Bearings with reduced backlash and special grease for high temperatures.


    GEAR UNIT: with worm screw and die-cast aluminium gearcase. 26 mm centre distance. CARO bronze crown with a hardness of 120÷160 HB. The worm is made of tempered steel, with ground thread. Seal rings in special high-temperature rubber (FKM). Lubrication with special long-lasting oil. There are 10 available gear ratios (i), from 5 to 80. Rated torque up to 9 Nm.   

    Version B3 - B5 (B5/S left - B5/D right).


    N.B. To choose the right gear motor, please refer to the relevant charts for duty and maximum shaft load coefficients.

    These gear motors need to be run in. Therefore, for approximately the first 30 operating hours the torque will be lower than what indicated in the data. 

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