Mini Motor goes green: the shift towards eco-friendly sustainability with high-efficiency products at the service of the environment.


A company’s sustainability and the impact of its products on the environment are issues that are increasingly playing a central role in many areas of business; packaging is a perfect example of this and Mini Motor is all set to fall in with this trend.

The notion that the world we live in and our local environment are under pressure is nothing new.

Man’s exploitation of raw materials and the emissions of pollutants by industry have brought us to the threshold of a point of no return, a prospect that demands we all make our best efforts to avoid it.

Corporate responsibility plays a fundamental role in this scenario: the potential to reverse this trend also depends on a company’s ideas, on what its products are made of, and how they are made.

As a company focusing increasingly on such issues and since it is an integral part of the manufacturing context where its customers operate, Mini Motor has a particularly accurate vision of a strategic sector like packaging.

The new values assigned to sustainability and to having a low impact on the environment have significantly altered the way we consider packaging in recent years and its role as a vital element that helps to define the image and consequently the competitive edge of a company. Until very recently, the main focus was on using eco-sustainable materials to make the product itself, but now the interest is shifting more and more towards its container and the values that it transmits.

Consumers play a fundamental role in this evolution, as they express an increasingly negative opinion about materials that fail to respect the environment. Moreover, they are well aware of the damage that unsustainable packaging can have on the planet.

Another key element in consumer perception is the scarcity of resources needed to make packing materials and packaging, a factor that leads them to point the finger of blame at excessive packaging and senseless waste, preferring to see the use of materials that are easy to recycle, reuse or biodegradable.

Recent studies have shown that about 70% of consumers are willing to spend more in order to purchase products that are eco-friendly. In short, whether it’s food or health and beauty products, clothes, mechanical or electrical goods, most consumers prefer products that are eco-friendly but at the same time are capable of enhancing the perception of the product and of making it more attractive for market-conscious consumers.

Previously, higher production costs were a factor that slowed down the development of green packaging to some extent but if we consider the current political and social commitment to fight climate change and promote sustainable practices, the only way is up for this market.

Mini Motor is a proactive and a reactive player in this changing panorama: packaging is the most important and strategic field for the company with 7 of its 10 main customers involved in it.

As a result, Mini Motor is also actively pursuing important goals relating to sustainability, investing resources in research and development to continue producing motors that offer an increasingly efficient performance but are less demanding in terms of energy consumption.

A perfect example of this is the important order placed by a company in Denmark, a global leader in advanced pumping solutions and a trendsetter in the application of H2O technologies that has decided to replace its old outdated and over-dimensioned motors with the superior mechanical and electronic performance of the high-efficiency products made by Mini Motor. This investment has generated an important and immediate advantage for the company in terms of energy savings, estimated at approximately 150 Kw per month.

However, the eco-sustainable approach taken at Mini Motor does not only concern the motors made, but has an impact on every area of the company, part of its commitment to take responsible action and reduce its energy needs, CO2 emissions, and its overall impact on the environment.

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