Correggio, inaugurated multi-purpose track at the Southern Expansion





An important investment that saw private companies engaged directly


Correggio (Reggio Emilia), 9 June 2023 – Sports enthusiasts and curious people attended the opening ceremony of the new multi-purpose track of the Southern Expansion district in Correggio, a public property but managed by Correggio Hockey since 2021. The mayor Fabio Testi, the councillor for sport Francesca Salsi and the president of Minimotor, Andrea Franceschini, attended the ribbon cutting. Minimotor and the company Waterproofing were the protagonists of the public-private partnership that led to the investment of about 40 thousand euros for the redevelopment of the area. “Minimotor is owned by Correggio and recently – says Andrea Franceschini – we opened a branch of our company here. For us it is important to be close and visible in places of aggregation or playful situations. From this comes the opportunity to make themselves known and create the future of our communities and companies. The presence of tenders proposed by the government, such as Sport Bonus (which allowed the realization of the track), are important because they allow companies to do good to the community: there is nothing better than allowing the kids to gather in healthy places, beautiful and new like this”. And new investments for the sport are also announced, including interventions for the sports hall of via Campagnola in Correggio.


Article from Il Resto del Carlino

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