DBS SERIES: commercial strenght born of the performance of the motors


A new and innovative dedicated product line is in arrival for MiniMotor‘s DBS Series.

We can safely say, without false modesty, that commercial success is not exactly unknown to MiniMotor. Quite the contrary.

It is the proof, verified time and time again, that high production qualitycutting edge technology and an almost maniacal focus on the market together form an unbeatable industrial approach.

In other words, absolute quality pays.

This does not, however, mean that we have lost the ability to be surprised at new successes, celebrating them in MiniMotor style – by investing.

This is the case for the DBS Series, the range of brushless servomotors with integrated drive which, over time, has set itself apart in the automotion and motion control sector for its peerless build quality and operational reliability.

Demand for DBS products is, indeed, increasing continuously and rapidly, a trend which has made it necessary to design an entire dedicated production line for these motors.

The first step in this major expansion project was the purchase of an automatic testing system for the DBS Series motors, whose task is to test both the operation of the hardware and the configuration of the software for these products.

Up until the introduction of this system, the testing operation for the motors was completely manual – an operator had to connect the cables to the motors, set the operational values in the parametrisation software and then start up the test procedure.

Today, on the other hand, the new production line being put in place by MiniMotor provides for automatic testing at the end of the process – a computer, able to recognise the firewall installed on the product, will therefore test the operation of the ports, load the appropriate set of parameters and launch the test in a completely automated manner.

At the same time, work is continuing on the innovative production line which will simultaneously produce the three different parts of the DBS Series – motor, gear unit and drive – thus reducing production times and eliminating bottlenecks for the individual elements.

It is a semi-automatic line, since it will involve an operator in the important phase of positioning of the electronic components, a line which will allow production of the entire DBS Series to be increased by 40% compared to the current volume.

For MiniMotor, this innovation will represent a revolution in terms of production logistics. Indeed, while up to now the production of the DBS series has been performed to order, and therefore without holding stocks, when the new line starts up it will be possible to continuously manufacture the pre-installed components for the motors, store them in a new warehouse and thus process the enormous numbers of incoming orders in a fluid, rapid manner.

The level of commercial success of the DBS Series and the resulting investments are evident in the enthusiasm in this quote from mechanical engineer Alessandro Ciccolella, a company role should be inserted here (project manager for the DBS line, something like that):

For MiniMotor, the success of the DBS Series is not just a sales goal we have met, but something much bigger and more important.

It is the extraordinary confirmation that our manufacturing philosophy is correct; it is a demonstration that our customers and the entire automation and motion control sector are with us, and they share our view of the future of mechatronics; it is further proof that the principles of total integration, connectivity, compactness and design are the correct direction for our work, and will be long into the future.”

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