Mini Motor is heading south


New areas to discover, sectors to explore, markets to create: for Mini Motor, central and southern Italy are increasingly important objectives.

Between international trade fairs, large foreign customers and a sales network which extends to all continents, foreign languages are Mini Motor’s bread and butter. But when it comes to Italy, the regional accents and dialects we deal with have, until now, been limited to a small, but very important, group.

Mini Motor‘s main points of reference within its own market are, indeed, the multinationals which populate the so-called Packaging Valley, that is to say the companies from the regions of Emilia-Romagna, Lombardy, Veneto and Piedmont which are broadly and mainly involved in the packaging sector.

This enormous and fascinating sector indeed contains numerous applications in which Mini Motor is the star of the show in large machines and production lines – from filling to boxing, through to the closing and sealing of the packages – so much so that it represents 80% of the company’s market of interest.

Recently, however, Mini Motor’s attentions have been increasingly focused on new regions and new markets, with new and previously unexplored business territories: central and southern Italy.

The thinking behind this new interest is markedly strategic: once the company’s position is consolidated with the large players active in the north of the country, in order to continue to grow it will be necessary to exploit markets which have previously not been fully taken into consideration.

From this point of view, the few resellers currently present in the centre and south of the country can only be the starting point for a commercial exploration and staff expansion project in high-productivity regions such as Campania, Apulia and Sicily.

These markets are of particular interest to Mini Motor because they contain numerous SMEs active in sectors such as dairy production, agri-food, wind energy, and many others besides.

All are manufacturers in which there is space both for the company’s classic products from the “gear” catalogue, reliable gear motors with low levels of electronics, and from the new range of stainless-steel brushless servomotors and gear motors; these also have applications in interesting public and semi-public companies in Latium and other central Italian regions.

Marco TorreggianiMini Motor’s Director of Marketing for Italy, summarises the strategic vision giving rise to the company’s expansion plan in the centre and south of Italy as follows: “According to our way of doing business, a company with a strong international character like Mini Motor cannot consider itself mature, complete or even “responsible” in the more modern sense of the word if it does not at least partially focus its attentions on the national market. As well as cultivating a potential customer base made up of excellent companies, with impressive potential revenue from 2020, we also feel it is something of a duty, an act of recognition towards the country where we got started in order to reach the whole world with our work and our products.

So, whether they are markets in far-off continents or much closer afield, the imperatives remain the same: grow as a company, innovate constantly and always open up new roads to spreading Mini Motor‘s mechatronic excellence.

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