DBS Minimotor: the new DBS 80 is here


By now, the DBS Series by Minimotor needs no presentation.

Ever since it entered the market, Mini Motor’s family of brushless servomotors with integrated drive has set a new standard of productive excellence in terms of rationalization, integration and performance, distinguishing itself in the world of automation and motion control for its superlative build quality and its unparalleled reliability over time.

And today, the DBS range is ready to impress once again with its newest format, the DBS 80: a brushless servomotor with integrated drive, 80mm switching panel and 48Vdc power supply, capable of producing up to 500 W of power with 1.5 Nm of nominal torque.

The product offers the full set of features that have positioned Mini Motor’s DBS range at the very top of the market.

These include:

  1. the new “open” communication platform, which allows configuration with all the most common primary protocols: EtherCAT, Ethernet/IP, Powerlink, Modbus, PROFINET, PROFIBUS, CANopen
  2. an SSI multi-turn absolute encoder at 4096-PPR, which allows maximum freedom to adjust speed, torque, position and homing
  3. the compact and seamless integration of all elements – motor, gear and drive – provided together in a single state-of-the-art product

Even more than its predecessors, the new DBS 80 was designed with an eye towards precision automation and motion control, ensuring exceptional precision of movement in any application, with clearly-defined acceleration ramps.

It is therefore perfectly suitable for use in all those sectors that require especially precise and controlled motions, such as the ceramics, packaging and bottling industry.

However, because it is equipped with a single power supply and a single interface module, the entire DBS range represents an ideal solution for automation needs in all areas of industrial production.

Its many benefits include:

  • easy installation
  • fewer cables
  • cost reduction

At the launch event for the new DBS 80, the Head of Mini Motor’s Technical Department, Mr. Ferretti, described the framework in which this new product was created and outlined the company’s vision for the future:

With the expansion of the DBS range, Mini Motor has once again remained faithful to its mantra of motor-gear-drive integration, strengthening its position as a cutting-edge company in the field of mechatronics. Our partners and customers believe in our work, and like us, they are convinced that the future of automation will be firmly grounded in high-quality design, compactness, integration and connectivity.

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