Induction bench: a new industrial robot to maximise efficiency in production


Induction bench: a new industrial robot to maximise efficiency in production

For Mini Motor, and in general for any company that has an extensive product catalogue for the public, achieving optimum handling of production processes is a fundamental element for the success of its business.

Efficiency and synergy in all stages in production results in the possibility to satisfy the increasing demand for motors, offering a prompt and reliable response to the changes in the market.

In order to safeguard this efficiency and preserve it in the long run, it is vital that the tools available to the company evolve and adapt rapidly to the constantly changing demands of a vast and dynamic production.

At Mini Motor, one example of this virtuous capacity is the installation of an automated system to combat the overloaded supply chain for coils. Faced with an established need, the company’s usual approach came to the surface with a solution that is both innovative and far-sighted.

The entire assembly process for one of the most important parts of its motors, the coil/radiator unit, is now handled in-house by a new industrial robot.

The machine, an induction bench part purchased and part designed and built by the company itself, consists of three stations handling three stages in the assembly process.

The first takes care of picking the parts from stock and the subsequent storage of the assembled units; the second has the fundamental role of heating the radiators up to 250 °C by induction, the temperature that enables the machine’s third station to insert the coils.

The latter part is the most important innovation for the production line at Mini Motor, as the company can now plan the assembly of different parts according to the product versions to be built. A single system can now offer a prompt response to the need to work on different types of motors with a short schedule.

In the past, the partner company making the coils was responsible for a delicate moment like the assembly of the radiator and the coil, but now Mini Motor has decided to bring this process in house with its new industrial robot added to the production line.

The first consequence of this decision is more fluid and effective handling of the supply of coils, as the partner company no longer has to manage the assembly and is now free to focus on its own core business. Furthermore the entire operation continues to enrich the process of innovation and rationalisation of production at Mini Motor.

Once again, the principle of ongoing research for quality – a fundamental aspect in Mini Motor’s approach to business – can be seen in a choice that speaks of innovation, of looking ahead to the future, and of unconditional excellence.

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