• Can three-phase motors work with inverters?

    It is possible to power our three-phase motors with inverters, bearing in mind that at frequencies higher than 50Hz, the motor progressively delivers lower torque, while going below 50Hz, the ventilation progressively loses efficiency, causing greater heating of the motor.

  • Is it possible to regulate the speed of single phase motors?

    It is only possible to regulate the speed of single phase motors equipped with tachometric “R” sensors (ACR/MCR/PAR series) by means of the RM220E regulator; it is NOT possible to use an inverter to regulate a single phase motor.

  • Is it possible to use the gear motor at a frequency of 60 Hz?

    Yes, it is possible, although at equivalent voltage, there is a noticeable loss of torque. To achieve the normal torque value, it is necessary to power the motor at a voltage 20% higher, that is, at 277/489 Volts in the case of the classic 230/400 three-phase motor

  • It it possible to exchange only the motor, or only the reduction unit?

    This is not possible since the assembly was designed to be integrated and parts of the motor are at the same time parts of the reduction unit, and vice versa.

  • Are maintenance schedules necessary?

    Our gear motors are designed to function for their entire life cycle without any provision for maintenance.

  • Can the customer change the mounting system from B3 to B5?

    It is possible except for the MC/MCE gear motors , for which the operation must only be carried out by Minimotor.

  • Can the BS series motors operate at low speed?

    The brushless motors can operate down to a speed of zero for S1 service.

  • Can a three-phase motor be powered in single phase?

    We wouldn’t recommend that, but, in theory, it is possible by delta connecting the motor and by adding a condenser, clearly torque and power diminish noticeably.

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