Brushless servomotors with integrated drive and planetary gear unit

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    EN: Brushless servomotors with integrated drive and planetary reduction gear Rated torque from 2,2 to 36,5 Nm.

    USA: Brushless servomotors with integrated drive and planetary reduction gear Rated torque from 19.47 to 323 in-lbs

    MOTOR: Brushless 4-pole three-phase sinusoidal motor, totally enclosed. Rotor with NdFeB magnets. Thermal cutoff. Winding Class F. Thermal cutoff. Protection IP65 in compliance with IEC/EN 60529 standards. Bearings with reduced backlash and special grease for high temperatures.

    DRIVE: Power 24 and/or 48 Vdc • Magnetic absolute encoder SSI (12bit single-turn / 16bit multi-turn) with internal buffer battery• 5 PNP digital inputs and 1 analogue input -10 +10V ext. (0-5 o 4-20mA optional) • 1 relay output (NC-NO) • USB port for parametrisation • Torque, speed, position and homing control.

    GEAR UNIT: planetary with hardened steel case with broached precision teeth Class 7. Heat-treated sun and planet gears.

    Seal rings in special high-temperature rubber (FKM).

    Lubrication with special long-lasting oil.

    Rated torque up to 33.2 Nm.

    All the models are implemented with the new “open” platform, which permits configuration with the following primary protocols: CanOpen, Ethercat, Modbus, Ethernet/IP, Profinet, Powerlink.


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