RM 220E

Electronic variable speed drive for single phase motor

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    EN:  Electronic speed regulator for single-phase motors 

    USA: Electronic speed regulator for single-phase  motors

    The RM 220E VSD is an electronic variable speed drive for certain types of single-phase asynchronous motors manufactured by MINI MOTOR. The speed variation is obtained by properly changing the motor input voltage. Feedback control permits maintaining constant motor rotation speed whenever the applied load changes. Speed is regulated with a potentiometer installed on the front panel of the equipment; 4 internal trimmers are used to control: acceleration and deceleration ramp, response time and maximum speed, master or slave selection. The VSD is available in panel mounting version RM 220E, with optional ID speedometer. It is also available in frameless back panel mounting version RM 220E/G. The RM 220E VSD is compliant with the requirements of IEC/EN 61800-3 product standards of 09/96; it has been designed for use in industrial environment and is therefore not fit for use on a low-voltage public mains system supplying residential buildings.

    N.B.: The VSD is optional on single-phase motors series AC, ACE, PA, PAE, MC, MCE, PC, PCE and will increase the gear motor length by 27 mm. Gear motors with VSD are identified by the letter “R” in the code (e.g. ACR, ACER, etc.)


  • Can three-phase motors work with inverters?

    It is possible to power our three-phase motors with inverters, bearing in mind that at frequencies higher than 50Hz, the motor progressively delivers lower torque, while going below 50Hz, the ventilation progressively loses efficiency, causing greater heating of the motor.

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