For over 40 years, we’ve been active on the international market with a wide range of geared motors, drives and brushless motors with the “Mechatronic Solutions” brand. Our sound experience, combined with a strong capacity for innovation, enabled us to complete an important project in 2005 called the Minimotor High Technology Division - a department that is fully equipped for developing made-to-order solutions for specific sectors of application.

The Minimotor High Technology Division can draw upon its undisputed competence in the field of power transmission, as well as the knowhow it has gained over years of involvement in the aerospace, aeronautics, naval and biomedical sectors, and in research laboratories. That’s why the Minimotor High Technology Division is now a partner of reference for research and production operations that can be carried out only with high-tech instruments, and even under extreme operating conditions.

Highest levels of quality for best results.

Minimotor ensures consistently high quality standards from the standpoints of both technology and design, which is always executed with extra special care. To obtain these results (which are achieved completely within the company), we constantly update our design and production technologies and only use instruments of the latest generation. We also produce drives and circuits internally, and certain other essential parts (such as windings) are still made by hand. Our facility even includes a well-equipped department for high-precision toothing and grinding. And our product and process quality is attested to by our IP67 level of protection, ISO 9001 certification, and the cCSAus mark we put on all Minimotor geared motors and servomotors. Finally, we’re about to obtain ISO 14001/2004 environmental certification.