Quality is not a sheet of paper, but rather a way of being and working that guides every action toward excellence. Quality is not a duty. It is a passion that we cultivate every day, in every moment, with diligence. We don't settle for being compliant with the requisites requested. Instead, we try to always be one step beyond certification alone. We constantly work to keep up the highest levels of quality and safety for all of our products and all of our services. It is only in this way that the certifications stop being sheets of paper and turn into a guarantee of true excellence.

We are certified ISO 9001:2015, standard of reference for those who want to subject their production processes to complete quality control, starting from gathering the requirements of the customers and ending with the monitoring of every step of the production process.

ISO 9001:2015


All of our products have obtained the cCSAus (Canadian Standards Association) mark for both the Canadian and US markets, and the IP65 protection rating, in compliance with the CEI EN 60529 standard, thanks to our manufacturing solutions and the high quality components used. The stainless steel IP69K series is, on the other hand, compliant with the IP69 international protection rating that identifies products totally protected from dust, sand and any small solid particle in general, and suitable for permanent immersion in water and for high pressure and high temperature jets of water.

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