Born for action, born for protection

Our motors are born for action. Packaging, packing, bottling, palletizing, boxing, stacking and wrapping are actions that demand a compact design, precise movements, always the right speeds, resistance, easy programming. All in one word: absolute reliability.

Packaging means taking care to wrap up a product in the most appropriate and resistant packing to be sure it reaches the end user intact. We take care of your products with our motors.

We like challenges, and we want you to put us to the test

To get truly smart production, the logistics have to efficiently integrate with the entire production process, and not just with the end of line. Logistics is the true strategic area, the one that can make the difference. We have always worked in the food & beverage sector, and this has taught us a lot. Very high health standards to be met, considerable customisation requirements, and a need for quick and safe product changeovers are only a few of the obligations that push us to constantly improve our entire range of electric motors and geared motors. These improvements affect not just the body, but the mind of the motor as well owing to smart drives and ease of integration via the most widespread industrial communication protocols.

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