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Our motors learn fast: they can be programmed easily, flexibly and can be customised, plus they are able to control speed and power with extreme accuracy. In the world of Industry 4.0, speed in learning is an essential quality, especially when it is combined with integration speed. Automation does not mean only replacing human labour. It is something more radical. Automation means opting for an integrated system logic based not on single machines or on groups of machine, but on the entire production process.

Top of the class, in every sector

The quality of an integrated system depends on the quality of every single component and on the ability to integrate the parts. Our motors are sociable. They speak several languages and feel comfortable with everyone. Wherever there is automation, our electric motors and geared motors contribute toward increasing the overall level of quality of the system. That is because they offer precision, efficiency, high performance, flexibility of use and simple configuration.


Our offer numbers thousands of items, including worm gear motors, coaxial geared motors and planetary reduction units, brushless servomotors with built-in drive, brushless servo gear motors, drives and frequency converters. It is a range complete in terms of characteristics and performance, as well as its ease of integration in production processes and support of the most widely used protocols for industrial communication networks.

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