Able to withstand everything

Our motors are tough and they withstand everything: sanitization with aggressive products, washing with high pressure and high temperature water, lengthy immersion in liquids, contact with chemical agents. Critical environments are our natural habitat. Treatment plants for food, pharmaceutical, medical, cosmetic and chemical products demand design following the principles and guidelines of Hygienic Design: considerable attention is paid to contact surfaces, geometries used to prevent substances from accumulating, ease and safety in washing and sanitization, necessary stratagems on fixed and moving joints and on welded parts

IP69K: the series made of steel, inside and out

IP69K is the Mini Motor series capable of anything. These are geared motors that combine small size with the superior characteristics of stainless steel. With their completely smooth and groove-free surfaces, these motors comply with the IP69K protection rating, ideal for use in aggressive environments or those that demand very high health standards, such as in the food and chemical-pharmaceutical sectors.

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